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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:           For what ages does CHAP offer basketball teams/trainings?

A:            Boys and girls ages 7 – 18.

Ages 7 – 10 are able to participate in our co-ed CHAP Youth League, which is 100% local and CHAP kids practice and play games against only each other.

Ages 11-18 get placed on team based on combination of age, experience, and skill level. Ages 9 and 10 boys can choose youth league or the 10U competitive team.  The age groups are 10U (boys only), 12U (sometimes referred to as elementary), 14U (sometimes referred to as Junior High), 16U (commonly referred to as JV), 18U (commonly referred to as Varsity). The age eligibility is determined by the player’s age as of Sept 1 in the current year. So, if the player had turned 13 prior to September 1st (which would be approximately 2 months PRIOR to start of season) then they are no longer age eligible for 12U and must play on a 14U or older team. If needed and invited by CHAP leadership, players may play up an age level but cannot play down.


Q:           When is the season?

A:            Youth League season begins after Thanksgiving and ends the last week of February or first week of March

Ages 11 – 18 the season begins the last week of October or the first week of November. It typically ends the last week of February. If a team makes the state championship game in their age group that game will typically be played on the first Saturday in March.


Q:           When are the practices and games?

A:            Youth League starts with practices on Monday or Tuesday evening (depending on gym availability) and Saturday mornings. In late December or early January Saturday mornings switch from practices to games and stay that way through remainder of season.

                Practices for Ages 11 – 18: can be on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and/or Saturdays.

Based on age brackets these are the number of practices per week:

                12U – Two 90 minute practices per week the first 2-3 weeks. After that games begin and the number of practices drops to one 2-hour practice per week.

                14U – Two 2-hour practices per week the first 2-3 weeks. When games begin the number of practices is still two per week but the duration is only 90 minutes per practice.

                16U (JV) – 2-3 two hour practices per week for first 2-3 weeks. When games begin the number of practices is limited to 2 per week but the duration is still 2 hours, if the gym time is available.

                18U (Varsity) - 2-3 two hour practices per week for first 2-3 weeks. When games begin the number of practices is limited to 2 per week but the duration is still 2 hours, if the gym time is available.

                Games for Ages 11 – 18: Typically games are played on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Every now and then we will have games on Mondays or Thursdays. We will not have homeschool games on Wednesdays or Sundays. One exception is 12U and 14U may choose to play in the local Red Cedar league, which competes against school teams. In that case we request the league director not schedule our teams for Sunday games but unfortunately they still get scheduled now and again. No CHAP player is expected to play on those Sundays unless they want to. If they choose not to play on Sundays that will not be held against them whatsoever in terms of playing time in other games. 

Typical amount of TOTAL games (including end of season tourneys) is listed below for each age level:

                10U and 12U – will play 16-20 games per season

                14U – will play 16-24 games per season

                16U – will play 22-26 games per season

                18U – will play 26-34 games per season


Q: What does the travel look like for CHAP basketball teams?

A:            Youth League does not travel. All practices and games are in the mid-Michigan area

                Competitive teams (10U and above) will travel and the travel increases as the players’ age. Most of the travel is within 75 minute driving distance of Lansing. However, our teams do make at least two trips to Indiana each year. One trip is to Fort Wayne for a homeschool tournament. The other is to the Northside of Indianapolis (Westfield, IN to be exact) for the homeschool regional tournament.  Varsity teams will travel the most as they are in a great lakes conference with teams from Indiana.


Q: Where are the gyms located that CHAP practices and play games?

A: We practice and play all over the Greater Lansing area because we do not have a gym that has two courts for us to use. Here’s our current list of locations, listed in order of most utilized to least utilized:

Capitol City Baptist Church and School – Holt (for practices and games) – CCB is our “home gym” and we use their gym significantly more than any other gym in the area.

                Riverview Church Westside Venue – Delta Township                                      (practices)

                DeWitt Junior High – DeWitt (just for Friday night games)

Holt Lutheran Church and School – Holt (just for practices)

Under the Nets, LLC – family owned pole barn gym in DeWitt (just for practices)

CU Innovate -- family owned pole barn gym in Holt


Q:  How do you decide on player placement and are there cuts made?

A:             Youth League – we have yet to reach our cap of players for youth league and do not anticipate that happening anytime soon.

                10U and above – team placement starts at the Varsity level and works its way down. We fill the varsity teams first. We have tryouts in September and/or October for each level, but we view them more as “placements” rather than tryouts. Our goal is not to cut anyone but in the past we have had to do that at the high school level. Each season we start with the intention of finding a spot for every player. The only variables that would cause us to cut players is lack of enough experienced coaches, not enough players for 2 teams but too many for 1 team at a particular age level, and/or lack of sufficient gym space for practices and games.


Q: Is CHAP basketball recreational focused or competitive focused?

A:            Youth league has a recreational/development focus and we welcome and encourage inexperienced players to participate. The intensity and competitiveness level increases significantly as players enter 10U and each level beyond, so our Youth League is a great opportunity for families to determine if their child is ready, willing, and able to take on the intensity of schedule, travel, and competitiveness that comes with our older teams.

                10U and above – as referenced above, these teams are very competitive. Certainly we welcome beginners to participate, but more so at 12U and 14U than at the older ages. Basketball is a skill based game and the skills are very hard to develop sufficiently at later ages. It is rare that we see a player start with basketball at age 15 and above and have success. Certainly it has happened with CHAP in the past and we welcome every players to come to tryouts, but at the JV and V level there is a chance they may not make the team. Ages 14U and below we have always welcomed every player regardless of experience and skill level. This could change in the future as homeschooling grows more and more but our goal is to find a spot for every player age 14 and below. Age 15 and above we will do all we can to find a spot for every player but historically have had to make cuts now and again due to reaching capacity for numbers or having players that simply cannot compete at the level necessary for coaches to run successful practices.


Q: What is the cost for the season?

A:            Listed below are the cost range for the different levels. Each season we look at the budget and adjust based on projected gym and referee costs.  Here are the cost ranges over past few seasons:

Youth League -- $60 - $80

                12U -- $220 to $300

                14U -- $300 - $350

                JV -- $350 - $400

                V -- $450 - $550


Q: Is there a way to fundraise to cover the cost?

A:            Yes! Each season up to this point every player is given the opportunity to approach local businesses and offer advertisements in our basketball program and/or sponsorships of our home games. You can find out more about this program ad fundraiser on our website. Click on “More” and then on “Fundraising” to get more info.

                Other fundraising opportunities we have tried over the years:

  1. Little Caesars Pizza Kits
  2. CHAP Discount Cards